GothamGo Conference

October 5-6, 2017 - New York City

NEWS! GothamGo will be back Oct 5-6, 2017! Two days this time! We will have new web site up shortly! But in the meanwhile, our Call for Presentations is open! Submit a talk. We want to hear from you!


Thanks everyone, for making the November 18, 2016 GothamGo conference (our third) awesome!
Thank you attendees, all 250 of you! Your enthusiasm made our conference a huge success!
Thank you speakers, for creating wonderful presentations and sharing them with us. The talks were all excellent, even better than we had hoped.
Thank you to our sponsors, for your support. We love it that our sponsors are so connected to our event and want to participate in the community.
And a special thanks to Steve Francia and Mark Bates for their awesome emcee work, and also to Bill Kennedy, Filippo Valsorda, and Carmen Andoh for teaching (and arranging) our Go training day.
Want to relive GothamGo? Check out our videos.
William kennedy

Advanced Go Workshop

GothamGo is proud to offer an Advanced Go Workshop, taught by William Kennedy of Ardan Labs, to be held on November 17th, the day before GothamGo.

William Kennedy is the co-author of the book Go in Action and has taught Go workshops like this one all over the world.

This course was designed for Go developers who have worked on a project or two, and want to take their Go skills to the next level!

Go Workshop!


Your Masters of Ceremonies

Yes! GothamGo will once again be blessed by the hosting talents of Mark and Steve!

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